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More Dress Pictures...
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finding Forgiveness and Restoration...

Found yourself on the receiving end of a heap of news or circumstance that was never on your bucket list?  Or, were you the one holding the bucket and pouring out contents you never wanted in your bucket to begin with and onto the one who you dreamed that you'd always protect and cherish?  Whether it is a recent event, or years ago, you probably still find yourself spinning at times and wondering if this is just your road, worse yet, your destination, and you are just yearning for more than an encouraging word, you need a drop of HOPE.

There are times that I have experienced disappointment or near devastation in my own marriage that my first reaction has honestly not been to turn to the One who can spring a hope that does not fail, instead, my initial response is to connect with someone who has been through something similar and is surviving and thriving: to have a face to face conversation with someone who can relate to the surroundings of the hole I have found myself in but is closer to the surface and has a broader perspective than the narrow view I have from the bottom.  However, through the years I have learned a little more about how the Lord works, and works without fail when I yield to Him first.  Yield to Him and His Word, and as He speaks and leads through the Holy Spirit, He will provide someone who has done the same and has the broader perspective to confirm exactly what He has been speaking to my heart.  And, that is just what He has done time and time again through my friend Cindy Beall.  She has just published her first book about how she found herself on the receiving end of a heart wrenching confession from her husband about a pornography addiction, multiple affairs, and a woman who was pregnant with his baby, yet today their relationship has been supernaturally restored to better than new: Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken.  And although I haven't found myself with the same circumstance, I know well what it feels like to have trust broken in marriage and floundered for years trying to find a way to piece it back together on my own strength.  Once I surrendered to the One who could show me the way, He has brought continued hope from a woman who speaks His truth to glorify God and encourages others searching for the restorative healing that only He can bring.

Reading through the book is like sitting down to have a face-to-face conversation with Cindy on her back porch, coffee with yummy creamer in hand, and a box full of tissues on the table nearby.  She reveals the experience in emotional detail and yet stands firm on the foundation of God's Word of how His truth steadied her and even held her in her times of utmost need.  She consistently points the reader back to the infallible truth that you have to look to and depend on the Lord.  Its not a "How To..." book, as many who have found themselves in a marriage where deception has been revealed know that no circumstance surrounding the marriage is the same, but her writing rests in the promise that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" and His PROMISE never fails.

Laughing, crying and inspiring hope for what can be ahead, you'll want to read this and have a few copies on hand to give some hope through a woman's story that ultimately leaves you in awe of how nothing is too big for the Lord!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Challenge...

A sweet friend of mine whose little girl is turning 6, requested a dress with a matching dress for her soon to be birthday present of an American Girl doll.  She sent me a pic and asked to make something similar.  So here they are!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shanty2Chic giveaway...

Please, oh please, let me win this giveaway!!

Shanty2Chic has inspired some great projects, now only to win the Silhouette Machine!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Freeze Frame

Plain bare wood frames that I stained and painted and applied a resin cross and wooden applique (both painted and finished with a high gloss coat of Cerama-Coat and applied with Gorilla Glue) and added a decorative drawer pull to the cross.  They are hanging in my kitchen on a plate rack.

Made the frames to put pictures of my kids that I edited on 
and ordered the prints online from WalMart's one-hour photo.

Under his name it says "I AM the next generation"

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh my cuteness!!

Introducing "The Pillowcase Romper
same fabric tie closure, but it splits into pants at the bottom with a TEXAS size ruffle
and is detailed with Miss Bella's initial and adorned to showcase the design!

Let me know what you think or if one of these ideas has inspired
you to try something out for your space or someone else's.