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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance 2008

These are pics from the Daddy Daughter Dance that was held at the Keller Campus of Cross Timbers Community Church. The theme was Sugar & Spice so obviously we went with a candy and candy colored decor.
I used Foamular insulation purchased from the Home Depot which comes in 8ftx4ft sheets about 1"thick. I painted it with interior gloss paint and then used glue and glitter for accents.
The hanging candies were made with Foamular and styrofoam discs that we painted with the same interior gloss paint. The styrofoam candies were then covered in clear mylar wrap to look like cellophane.

The lollipops framed the dance floor. I used white plastic trash cans purchased from Ikea that we painted with interior gloss paint, stuffed the can with floral foam to hold the stick which was made from wrapping paper cardboard tubes that we spray painted with chrome spray paint. The top of the lollipop was made from a beach ball that was painted with the same interior paint and covered with the clear mylar wrap an secured with fishing line and a ribbon.

The window decor was done using the Foamular insulation sheets, painted with brown interior paint to frame it out and create the swirl patterns. We hung it with a brown satin ribbon.

The registration desk was surrounded by the pipe from a pipe & drape set that was wrapped in white Christmas lights. We hung a few extra candies and 2 light kits purchased from Ikea. The white lamp shades also purchased from Ikea I painted with acrylic paint and accent ribbon from JoAnn's. Although, once the light shown through, the paint appeared splotchy, so I inserted a piece of construction paper to obstruct the light from coming through the lower part of the shade so the light still came out of the bottom of the shade to give additional light to the volunteers working registration.

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