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Monday, September 7, 2009

Creatively Replicated Meets "Inspire Me Monday"

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine who writes a blog for her Happy Hearts card company that she has a weekly post called "Inspire Me Monday". I had been looking for something to replace a picture that we had hanging in our breakfast nook and alas, I was truly inspired!

I went out that day and purchased my supplies, 12x12 scrapbook paper in a color and design scheme that would complement our existing decor and two - 1/2 thick pieces of foam board (a piece of styrofoam that has poster board on each side), also purchased some removable gl
ue dots to adhere the paper to the board.

A few stages into the project...

adding a strip from another paper to add some interest to the grunge red paper

then cutting out a floral swirl to finish the embellishment and fit in better with the other tiles

I ended up adding another sheet of 1/2" thick foam to the backs of each to make it stand out more and instead of covering the sides with black paper, I cut our 1" strips from the other sheets of coordinating paper to cover the sides. Here are the pictures of the finished project.

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  1. so why have i not seen this blog before? these tiles are too cute for words. you could sell them! :)


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