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Monday, September 14, 2009

Queen of the Bling Revealed

The canvases on the left were done by my friend Ralonda's 3 year old niece, just the hot pink on white canvas. I forgot to take a picture before getting started to turn these into something she could hang in her office to go with her hot pink, zebra and "bling" decor.

I taped off the edges and painted them black for a little visual stabilization and then began the first one, which was also the last one that I finished.

Ralonda's tag line (Queen of the Bling) just had to make it on there somewhere. I needed some inspiration to get it to coincide with the other one. A simple "google" search of images of "bling" brought up a picture of "bling H2O" and I just fell in love! The other inspirations for the canvases came from Hambly and their incredible line of products.

I used a few stencil elements here and there and a lot of free hand and filling in the black with a new favorite acrylic paint called "Black Sequins" that has just a hint of sparkle.

I really loved how they turned out and that Ralonda gets to have the artwork of her most precious 3 year old neice hanging in her office.


  1. These are over the top auh-mazing!!!! Love these!!!!

  2. These are Amazing!! Wow, you are good girl :)


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