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Monday, December 28, 2009

And the 2 Shall have 1 Room...

Whittaker and Harper, ages 4 and 1 respectively, have begun to share a room. Part of their Christmas present was a new room painted and new bedding and decor. I had fallen in love with a bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids quite some time ago, but was not in love with the price and the entire set was gone in a flash. Thankfully, I had taken some screen captures of the bedding before it disappeared in order to replicate it at some point. So, Christmas 09 has turned into sewing central. I can tell you that I have purchased all my material and supplies for a total of $150 which would not have even bought 1 complete bedding set from Pottery Barn. So, without further ado... here is the inspiration

(above is the Austin Bedding from Pottery Barn that inspired my replications below)

(click on the back of the pillow sham above to see the detail of the stitching I used on the middle seam, since I have incorporated some baseball fabric, I wanted it to mimic the baseball seam stitch. Little details like that I'm now able to pay more attention to as I am getting better with my sewing skills. Not bad for not having a pattern?!)

(I made the W out of felt, wanted to mimic the chenille Letterman letters that are on Varsity Letter jackets. I printed out the letter from Microsoft Word using the Princeton font. Glued the white felt to the gold using fabric glue, used wonder under to adhere the gold to the plaid and then went over it with the red stitch on the sewing machine and outlined it with red stitch.)
(I used a denim knee patch for this- then iron on flocked white letters- W for Whittaker who was born in 2005- then did the outline red stitch on the sewing machine.)
(On both of these, you can see the baseball fabric that I used for their sheets and pillow cases. I made their pillow cases with the same type of opening in the back, more like a sham- mostly to save on the amount of fabric- I didn't think I had enough to do 2 standard pillow cases.)
(Below I used a product called Art Wear that I bought several years ago when I made some onesies for a baby shower. I used a font called School Spirit, printed it on the Art Wear Paper and went over the letters in a black Sharpie for it to be nice and dark. The backing on the paper comes off to iron it on to whatever surface you are working with- mine was light gray fleece. I used Wonder Under on the other side of the fleece to attach it to the sham and then outlined it with the red stitch on the sewing machine. I switched to the single foot to make it easier.)
(I'll post the final pics once everything is complete and the room put together, I'm very pleased with how it is looking so far- it's hard work, but those 2 boys are so worth every bit of it!!)

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  1. GREAT JOB Mel! This is so amazing and I love it!


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