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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ode to Shanty2Chic...

If you haven't happened upon Shanty2Chic, you MUST check them out.  My friend Sara sent me the link to their blog and all their unique creations and links to other great projects.  I saw one project from a post in December and was totally inspired to try to replicate it.  It is a wreath hanger, and although I am not a seasonal decorator (only for Christmas and it is very minimal compared to most,) I loved the idea and finally found a good reason to make one.  I finished this one to donate for a silent auction that will be held this Thursday night for an amazing ministry.  

Instead of a wreath, I chose to hang a sign from 1-1/2" wire ribbon, both from the Hobby Lobby and both on a 50% off week- SCORE!

For directions on how to make the wreath hanger, click here for the Shanty2Chic site with detailed instructions and pictures.

I did purchase an extra spindle and hook to go with my 2 pack of finials so I could make one more for myself or to give as a gift, but I have a feeling I will be making a few more.

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  1. awesome mel!! and that blog is ADDICTING!!


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